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We keep the dog's wellness first in mind - grooming salon with retail shop for quality grooming, training and wellness products; behaviour consults, puppy & dog training, daycare, private exercise fields.

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Its The Dogs is proud to be able to provide all you need for your dog's grooming, daycare, training and exercise in offering you specialist and expert service in these areas, whilst ensuring that your requirements and the dog's welfare are first and foremost.


Offering caring, kind services by experienced and qualified people along with bespoke dogs products that we not only believe in but use ourselves.

The knowledge and passion of those who work as part of the Its The Dogs Team means that you and your canine friend/s will get the best service and advice in a personal, friendly, caring and professional manner. In always striving for a positive result means that every experience that you or your canine friend has here is enjoyable, our policy is to help you get the best out of your dog whilst providing them with care, comfort and kindness.



Does your dog need grooming, a full makeover or just a good bath?


Bring your dog to us for the best groom in town. Your pooch will be pampered all while being made to feel as comfortable as possible during their stay.


We can give guidance on specific grooms and we do the best we can to give your dog the groom you want.

If it's only nails that need doing - just pop in anytime we are open - no need to book.



Going out for the day or just for an hour or two but don't want to leave your four footed friend alone?


They can lounge around in comfort at our wellness hub where we can arrange for a local walk or take them down to our private and secure field where they can really stretch their legs.


We offer full daycare, half daycare or by the hour.


Your dog will be enjoy the comforts of the specially designed daycare spaces where they can make new friends or just chill out as they please. 



Has you dog got some bad or irritating habits, or has strange behaviour that you would like to understand or overcome?

As degree qualified behaviourists we provide behaviour consultations where you can discuss those habits and gain help, advice and a plan for the future to either change the behaviour for the better or make dealing with your dog's habits easier. 

We are very experienced and understand the practicalities of any plan fitting into your lifestyle.



Would you like to enhance your relationship with your dog?


Offering different dog training options for you and your dog that can both be challenging whilst enjoyable.


Coaching, teaching and advice provided by very experienced and qualified trainers & behaviourists; who give practical well thought out advice on helping you have the best lifestyle with your dog.


Bring the best out of your dog by using positive reinforcement training - your pal will enjoy it as much as you do!



We offer specialty products which are inline with grooming, training and wellness for your dog.


We love our products and believe in them so much that we use them ourselves.


Need a new lead or some treats? Within the shop we offer a variety of different items; things from squeaky chew toys to specially medicated shampoo.


We will be on hand to answer any questions about any product we sell in the shop so you know its the right thing to purchase for your dog. 



Membership is available so join up to be able to take advantage of discounts on all of the services, activities and products that our hub provides.

Get advice and recommendations from member's only pages on this website. 

This also includes access to our private fields in which you can walk your dog.

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