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Feb 13

The Meadow


Hi Everyone, hoping that over time we will use this forum to keep you informed of what's going on at The Meadow. And also for you to be able to connect with other members of Woofers. Maybe it can be used to let others know if you want to walk with someone else, perhaps if you've cancelled a slot at the last minute that someone else may now be able to use, ideas for the future of The Meadow and similar posts. Please feel free to contribute - remember to play nicely - just like The Meadow is a happy place for us and our dogs this forum needs to be a happy place too. The Team @ Its The Dogs

New Posts
  • The water butt have been filled but we are waiting on the farmer to bring them back. However we now have water pumped on-site. There is a blue hose with a tap at the end that you can use which is situated to the left as you first come in to the facility. Please make sure you turn the tap off when finished and if you have others doing it for you please double check. We don't want to waste water. Thanks
  • We have now finished fencing the big meadow. Fencing is stock fencing to a height of somewhere between 4.5foot and 5foot, difference is dependant on lay of the land. It has also been split into 3 areas of roughly 8 acres each as we need to keep 1 for sheep. However we will try to make sure that the closest area with the pond in it remains sheep free so that those dogs that are prone to chowing down on sheep dung have a dung free area. Over the next few days (probably weeks) we will update the website to reflect all the changes so keep checking back.
  • Hi We have added an extra dog product to our members only products so that should you temporarily have more dogs than your membership level allows you can purchase the extra number direct from the website.