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Ideas for you to cope with Dogs & Cyclists

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Cyclists and dogs – two very active parts to our society which can fit so well together but very regularly seems on opposite sides of society’s spectrum.

Where I live we have the Thames towpath 20 metres to one side and part of the 2012 Olympic Cycle (now the annual Surrey Cycle race) route 80 metres to the other side so to say we see the occasional cyclist or the occasional dog walker is a huge understatement. I have heard the Thames Towpath referred to as the Thames Velopath due to the speed that some cyclists travel on it. To be fair most people that use it are polite and forgiving of others but I have heard colourful language from all users at one time or another as some are not so forgiving. And it's not just cyclists and dog owners that use this much adored pathway - it is frequented by all; joggers, cyclists, walkers, ramblers, boat users as well as dogs and many forms of small wildlife.

The towpath also leads to our small town which happens to be on the doorstep of one of the royal palaces so is also very touristy and to our benefit we have many great cafes that allow both cyclists and dogs to venture forth within their realms; so these two parts of our society (dogs and cyclists) are very interconnected whether they choose to be or not.

I am an observer by nature and nurture due to my vocation and passion; so I have a theory about dogs with bicycles (and perhaps this even relates to cars).

I believe dogs think moving objects should react in their movements in the same way other dogs do.

If you watch most dogs when they are running together they are very agile; they will duck and dive, crossing in front or behind each other in very quick motion. The other dog hesitates fractionally or adjusts their movement and/or speed accordingly to catch up or miss each other.