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Biting The Bullet

I have always had loads of thoughts about dogs and why they do what they do and how we interact with them. Some of my opinions are strong but none are held without loads of discussion with colleagues, friends, family, clients or anyone who will listen and who I can listen to.

Having seen the devastation that social media can cause I have always been shy about putting my thoughts out there for all to see. Social media is strong and getting stronger and I know I have to make the time and put in the effort in order to be heard on a wider platform.

All of these posts are from me and I am not sharing them as views of anyone else even though people may agree or disagree. As I constantly learn about dogs I will no doubt look back at some of my ideas and thoughts and wonder what I was thinking - but that is what learning does - makes you consider and reconsider.

I hope that some out there may find what I write interesting, that in the long term it helps at least one or two dogs find better lives through the increased knowledge and awareness of those who care for them and who read my blogs. Whether they agree or disagree at least they will think about the subject.

The blogs will come from thoughts today as well as ideas and thoughts from my doggy past - some may be relevant; others just a muse. I will try to find photos that work with the theme - I'm not one for taking selfies so no doubt most photos will be of others.



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