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2nd Meadow Panoramic View
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The Meadow is a private 27 acre agricultural field divided up into secure areas; some of which can be used for dogs that need a bit more privacy or security while off lead.


Just 5 minutes off of the A3 from the Ripley turnoff or 10 mins from Junction 10 of the M25.  Comprising of 2 fields with 6ft (1.8m) deer fencing and chicken wire to half a metre up for those smaller dogs; our other fields (24 acres) are still agricultural and have normal stock fencing (4.5ft or 1.3m), these are often accessible with the field booking but please check beforehand as we do often have stock on them.  Access is drive on with hardcore parking available and we have a double and triple gate system so that your dog remains secure.


The idea behind these facilities is to allow both us and our dogs to feel relaxed in a secure area where everyone is free of life's hassles.  Each area is used individually but as we offer different dog number booking options it means that if you want you can invite your friend along for a walk too.

There is a Pay As You Go option for people that want to book and pay as and when they need to; or use the Subscription option if you want to prepay as you use the field regularly.


You need to book the meadow via our online booking system and you will get sent the gate code after you book.  First time users will also be sent more detailed information.

The Meadow

Facilities at The Meadow:

  • We are continually adding new items to the meadow areas so keep checking back

  • A relaxing place to exercise your dog

  • In the heart of the Surrey countryside

  • A small natural pond for dogs to swim and play in

  • Paddling pools to play in or drink from

  • Fresh water available

  • Platforms and other equipment to stimulate your dog

  • Close to other dog friendly amenities

  • Our daycare dogs come here to exercise during the week

General Information

The Meadow

The Meadow

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