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Bookings can be booked at anytime by any new or existing customer.


Bookings can be booked by existing customers, if you are new please contact us first.

For daycare required within 48 hours please also text us on 07564803255 when you use the online booking option


  • Classes

  • 1-1

  • Behaviour Consultations

If you find a class you like please either book online or contact us.

For behavioural or 1-1 training you may book online but we may need to contact you to discuss requirements beforehand.


To pay online you can use the Paypal or Credit Card options; or if you wish to deposit the monies direct into the Its The Dogs bank account we can email the details to you.

Otherwise we can accept payment in the shop, or direct when you come to class.

The Meadow:

We have two areas which can be used privately to exercise your dog/s.  One is a 1 acre field secured with 1.8m/6ft deer fencing and gates; the other is an 8 acre meadow secured with a combination of 1.8/6ft deer fencing and 4 1/2 ft stock fencing.


Choose an option below:

If you have bought a prepaid plan (or still have uses left under the old membership payment system) then please use "The Meadow Prepaid Plan" option (see Woofers Club for details)

For new or adhoc users please use "The Meadow Pay As You Go" option.

  • 1 hr 30 min

    Prices Vary

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