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We offer fun agility training for the domestic dog 


Would you like to teach your dog to do all the official agility equipment as per the sport's requirements plus do other obstacles?

Agility is a fun past time that helps build a relationship between you and your companion as well as learning skills for both mental and physical exercise.

We offer fun classes and can teach you both for domestic fun and/or techniques for improving your competition.

Gordon Setter sitting patiently

About the training:

About the training:

  • We will assess your level and help you achieve the next.

  • Professional, friendly and interactive learning for both humans and dogs.

  • Class lasts approximately 50 minutes.

  • Classes are limited in numbers to ensure you and your dog get plenty of opportunities to practice and play.

Agility Training

Fun, interactive training over sporting agility equipment:



dog walk

A frame


long jump

In our training classes we will help you find the best technique for you and your dog to navigate the agility obstacles and courses.

We allow you to do drills over equipment so that you can practice as much or as little as you want or need.  Eventually we will put it together to form short and longer courses.

Classes are limited to 6 so that everyone can get the best coaching that we can give.

Behavioural Consultations
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