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A club for dogs and their families.  Belonging to Woofers means your dog can join in fun activities; use private facilities; access great discounts on activities, products and services and get all the news first about what we are doing and our future.

We are in the process of revamping the membership plans and benefits so please be patient with us while we undertake the changes.

Adhoc/Day membership

For those who wish to use our facilities on an ad-hoc or trial basis then we ask you to use the pay as you go options and we then forward a proportion of those fees towards our membership.

Membership (no joining fee)

If you are keen to use our services and/or facilities on a regular basis then simply fill in and submit the membership form below.  If you are currently a regular user of our facilities then your membership becomes automatic.

Using the Login function of our website gives you the ability to keep track of all your bookings and orders in one place and you can even amend or cancel them from there too.

You will get access to our member's only pages especially ones specific to your requirements.

Professional Walkers/Trainers Membership - Please contact us directly if you would like to use any of our facilities in a professional capacity.

Daycare users can purchase days in advance and receive immediate discounts - see our products/daycare page for options.

Grooming users will get priority bookings (as able) and anytime they need a tick removed we will do it for free.

Training users will get free limited advice and tips for training.

Meadow users can purchase visits in advance and receive immediate discounts.

Everyone On Joining (Not Applicable to Adhoc/Day/Professional Memberships)

  • Membership ribbon ID for each dog

  • Membership card for dog's owner

  • Free Car Sticker

  • Access to members only pages on the website

All Full Memberships Include (Not Applicable to Adhoc/Day/Professional Memberships)

  • Free rosettes & behaviour awards on success in training classes (on top of normal certificates)

  • Free half day daycare during groom

  • Free tick removal

  • Invitation to Club Events

  • Access to summer club nights

  • Access to use some of our facilities

  • Access to specialist behaviour and training knowledge via the members pages

Membership Details

Thanks for submitting!

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