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Daycare play
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Inside one o the van pods
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Daycare is about looking after your dog in the same way we look after our own.  We want to give your dog the opportunity to make friends as they please, for the environment to be stress free, to be able to run, sleep or play as they wish.  At our daycare we make sure your best friend is able to make friends in a controlled and safe manner so that they enjoy being away from home.

​Things we have to offer within our daycare service:

Offering hourly, half day or full day care to suit your needs.

Relaxed companionship at our hub

Freedom within our 27 acres of private exercise fields and daycare enclosures.

Supervision borne from professionalism and experience.

Making sure your dog has an enjoyable time.

Enrichment activities including a range of toys and bedding to pick and choose from (including comfy sofas).

We welcome entire (non-desexed) dogs (though the girls will have to stay at home during their heat cycle).

Flexible arrangements: book and cancel at the last minute without incurring any extra fees (for daycare required within 48 hours please also text us if you use the online booking option).

Irregular days and times can be accommodated.

Transportation to and from home in our specially fitted out vehicles.

Daycare and Training​​

If you would like your dog to have training sessions whilst at daycare, they will be trained by degree qualified behaviourists who will know, through their knowledge and experience how to get the best out of your particular dog.


What we can teach your dog:

Training will be focused primarily on basic obedience exercises, using reward based training training methods however, please feel free to contact us should you have a specific requirement.  The following are only a tiny list of what can be taught during the daycare training.

  • Stay

  • Loose lead walking

  • Recall

  • Leave it

Benefits of your dog receiving training at daycare:

  • We can provide your dog with consistency, by reinforcing the behaviours you have already taught him/her

  • We can teach your dog new behaviours

How it works:

  • You book a package of four daycare sessions for your dog

  • Your dog will have an initial assessment whilst at daycare, so that we can determine what your dog already knows and how your dog learns

  • The following three sessions will include a half hour designated slot to training your dog each day it comes to training as well as ongoing training and recall practice amongst the other dogs throughout the day


Please contact us if you would like any further information.  (This daycare and training package is best suited regular daycare customers)

louging in the paddling pool
Friends resting at doggy dacyare
A frozen pond - dogs walking on water
Can I help you?
Playing in oe of our 1 acre paddcks


Going out for the day or just for an hour or two but don't want to leave your four footed friend alone?


They can lounge around in comfort at our wellness hub where we can arrange for a local walk or take them down to our private and secure field where they can really stretch their legs.


We offer full daycare, half daycare or by the hour.


Your dog will be enjoy the comforts of the specially designed daycare spaces where they can make new friends or just chill out as they please. 

What We Do

Daycare includes the following:

  • Tender loving care by members of our team

  • Play & Enrichment Activities

  • Walk/run at our private exercise fields (dependent on daycare arrangement)

  • Food/treats as needed

  • Always fresh water available

  • Paddling pools in summer

  • Socialisation as appropriate to individual needs

Extras Available:

  • Bath or full groom if requested

  • Nail clipping

  • Ear cleaning

  • Teeth cleaning

  • Obedience exercise training

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