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Puppy classes in:
West Horsley
Individual Training covering:
New Malden - Guildford

Training at yours covering New Malden - Guildford; classes at our secure venue in West Horsley


Our knowledge comes from real local, national and international experiences and practices with the highest relevant qualifications.


We pride ourselves in being able to give each individual owner and dog personal and practical application of any training needs.


We are always open to new ideas and will research and develop new methods to ensure we remain the region's leading trainers.

  • Personnel have both extensive experience and industry relevant qualifications (see about us).

  • Hands on personal experience in raising puppies from birth to adulthood.

  • Empathy and experience with practical guidance and advice on integrating those dogs who have had a more challenged life into our society.

  • Reward based training for humans and canines alike.


About the training:

About the training:

  • Your individual needs and lifestyles catered for in all dog and puppy training.

  • Join in a puppy/junior class at any time, no need to wait.

  • Flexible schedule available.

  • All members of the family are welcome to all classes.

  • Professional, friendly and fun teaching/learning for both humans and dogs.

  • Wonderful secure private venue available during the day in West Horsley.

  • Flexibility in swapping between similar classes.

Summary of the puppy training services we offer

1-2-1 Start Right Puppy Training

Suitable if you have got a puppy and want some advice on how you can integrate your puppy into your life.

Super Puppy Class

Generally suitable for puppies between 10 weeks- 6 months of age (please contact us to discuss if your dog is older than 6 months).


Our Puppy Start Right training is a 1-1 home visit where we help you with settling your pup into your lifestyle in the best possible way.  We can come to you before you get your pup or within the first few days or weeks.

You will get individual personalised information about setting your pup up with the right start that suits your family, lifestyle and pace.

We will help you navigate successfully through those first days, nights and weeks of puppyhood with practical advise and help.

Contact us for an appointment

The price of this course is £90.00 (sessions can routinely take an hour to an hour and a half)

Image by Berkay Gumustekin
Pup Right Start
Puppy class


Our Classes create a difference, we give your puppy the potential to become a Super Puppy!


Our puppy classes are suitable for those who are between 10 weeks and 6 months of age (please contact us to discuss if your dog is older than 6 months).

This is a 6 week open enrolment course with classes currently running on Saturdays at our private and secure outdoor venue in West Horsley.

Thursdays at 1pm &

Saturdays at 10am (Open enrolment)

The course is £180 and gives you and your dog the opportunity to practice your skills (including recall) both in a secure private environment and then out in the "real world".

What's covered

The Puppy class includes: 

  • Learning how to get good manners and social skills

  • Setting your pup up for a life of success with you

  • Socialisation 

  • Basic training (such as sit, come, down, stay, focus, play, loose lead walking)

  • Any ongoing issues that your dog still needs to work on from puppy pre-school class

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