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WOOFERS Club Membership for 2 Dogs for 3 Months at Silver Level


Along with the membership features that everyone receives you are also entitled to:


• 7% off retail products (both in shop and online)

• 7% off all grooms

• 7% off daycare

• 7% off specialist workshops or classes

• 4 meadow visits per month (priority booking)

• 1 activity class per month (subject to availability) for each dog

• Free access to use equipment such as agility and confidence equipment when available (once trained)

• Free half day daycare per month for each dog

SILVER Club Membership 2 Dogs

  • Everyone On Joining

    Membership ID for each dog
    Membership card for dog's owner
    Free Car Sticker
    A permanent plant or tree dedicated for each of your dogs planted on the land
    Access to members only pages on the website
    ​All Memberships Include

    Free rosettes & behaviour awards on success in training classes (on top of normal certificates)
    Free half day daycare during groom
    Free nail clip
    Free tick removal
    ​1 x free guest pass per month with any meadow bookings
    Advanced notification of specials, events, classes & products
    Invitation to Club Events
    Access to summer club nights​
    Able to add extra activity or facility visits if required

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